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Brands we carry

We believe that every house requires the best door hardware installed onto personal living space to prolongate your characters. With that in mind, we have sourced and curated worldwide finest brands. Tested with various quality aspects, we proudly offer the best to fuse with your vision.

Union Elmes is well-known for their numerous exceptional works to adorn multiple modern architectural approaches. Each design are created with unique characteristics and highlighted with advance skills and techniques of the artisans. The graceful depth of each ARTWARE are made to complete a spatial creation.

HC SAYAP Handle Gold  Hi 2.JPG
MIWA 605-3_edited.jpg

As the leader of lock manufacturer in Japan, Miwa Lock has consistently delivered highest level of security in various settings since 1957. Advance in innovative development and technologies, Miwa Lock has expanded internationally to present everlasting comfort, function, and looks. 

Turnstyle Designs produces offers wide selection of magnificent high-end designs to elevate details in interior projects. Under the hand of talented craftsmen and engineers, Turnstyle Designs explores with various practical material in the luxury creation; ranged from hand-stitched leather to individually hammered metal. 

HC_Office 8_Ibu Yolanda_Vindate_Hires11_edited.jpg

Konner Precision is developed to unite requirement of architects and designers with meticulous machinery precision to deliver lifetime products assurance. Konner is well known with their one value philosophy : consistent tone, consistent quality, consistent value. Each architectural hardware are made to elongate virtues of an interior. 

FritsJurgens is established to create limitless possibilities with impeccable movement experiences on pivot door. Perfectly hidden inside doors, each product serves timeless beauty through silent motion. Fluent and precise, the System conveys swift action in every swing.  

HC_Scala Kemang_Aedi Interior_Hires1_ FritsJurgens System 3.jpg
Halliday Baillie HB 690 Black_27-NEWmin.jpeg

Based in New Zealand, Halliday Baillie enables seamless door experience with wide options of sleek elegance lockset and handle for entryway with minimal opening angle. Each hardware strives for impeccable balance of form and function of sliding door hardware. 

Exposing the natural beauty of timber, TIRAR designs various architectural hardware to enhance the interior of residential, commercial and hospitality. Maneuvered by Australian designer, TIRAR celebrates function, form and tactile pleasure onto each product. Through the authenticity, TIRAR has achieved several local and international design awards. 

Pivot L-15 (Set) 1-min.jpeg

Elevate your doors with Athmer: High-performance German Sealing for Superior Performance Silence the noise, seal out drafts, and enhance security – all with Athmer, the world's leading manufacturer of high-performance door seals since the 1950s.

From the heart of Europe, EVVA delivers unparalleled peace of mind with its robust and innovative mechanical and electronic locking systems. Trusted by leading industries, EVVA offers a tailored solution for every security need.


Headquartered in France, Mantion slides in over countries to lead sliding door systems. Mantion offers innovative solutions in uniting doors into myriad approaches of interior looks. 

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