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EVVA, a leading Austrian manufacturer, specializes in high-security cylinders for mechanical and electronic locking systems. Established in Vienna in 1919 as a family-owned business, EVVA continues to operate research, development, and production facilities at its headquarters, exporting products globally. Beyond manufacturing, EVVA is also a trusted advisor for security-related concerns.

A standout feature of EVVA's cylinders is their compatibility with Japanese lock profiles, which allows for the creation of master keys that work across both timber and aluminium doors. This coherence is particularly valuable for Habitus residential projects, offering a seamless and secure access solution tailored to the specific needs of modern homes.

4KS Locking System

You can always rely on 4KS. Thanks to its high level of resilience, the system also locks and unlocks in the toughest conditions. Even after years, it works like it did on the first day. This makes 4KS your first choice for the toughest conditions – at high altitudes or in production facilities subject to high amounts of dirt. What's more, 4KS also offers extensive upgrade opportunities which enables the implementation of highly complex master key systems.

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FPS Locking System

FPS provides the best simple security and reliable convenience. FPS is suitable for master key systems with a more simple structure. Why opt for a master key system? Access all doors using only a single key – main entrance, front door, basement, letter box. The FPS key is also available as a design key in various colours.

Screen Shot 2024-01-30 at 11.43.55.jpg

FPS is ideal for simply structured master key systems and clearly defined user groups. This includes on doors within residential complexes or office buildings. In cooperation with qualified partners, EVVA has been providing security technology for a hundred years.

AirKey Locking System

With AirKey, your smartphone is the key. It increases your levels of security, flexibility and gives you full control of your doors. What do you need? An AirKey cylinder, a smartphone as well as Internet access and you will be able to send your keys by text message (SMS) and manage your access control system online. Well, if that's not smart!

11Evva Airkey Cylinder8088.jpg

AirKey is the electronic access system for a new, mobile generation and comes as a response to the dynamics of modern working worlds as well as our private lives. Flexibly send keys to smartphones via the Internet and benefit from maximum security and many smart software features

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