Since 1946, UNION has pursued advanced manufacturing of building hardware and is now the industry leader in Japan. Particularly in the field of door handles, their advanced technology has resulted in over 2,500 distinct designs in materials ranging from stainless steel, brass and bronze to compressed wood, titanium, carbon and porcelain. Moreover, this manufacturing history makes UNION uniquely able to meet any custom design request.

Among an array of products, UNION’s foremost PREGANO Series features a lineup of exceptional hardware that match perfectly with high-end luxury hotel decor. Whether adorning the entrance, wardrobe, bedroom, or bathroom, this line delivers originality and a beautiful sense of unity to any hotel space. Thanks to UNION's unique surface-finishing techniques, we have also created and released new series in a diverse array of colors. With modern, classic, elegant, and stylish designs that blend naturally into any type of room, PREGANO reveals a hospitality that has covered every detail. Taking the essence of artware to new heights, UNION.

Since 1945, MIWA Lock Company, Ltd. has grown to become Japan’s foremost provider of high-performance locks and security systems. Today, our reputation for quality and reliability has made MIWA the choice of leading hotel chains, residentials and commercial projects around the world.

A Unity between Archi and Art.
Born to unite the requirements of architects and designers, Konner represents the cornerstone in door hardware. The Konner hardware series provides both architects and designers with equipment which not only provides a lifetime of assurance but also a symphony of design.