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Habitus Concept

The Essence of Door Hardware

In Jakarta's heart, a mere ten minutes from Plaza Indonesia, Studio 73 redefines the art of door hardware. Our showroom, a testament to function and style, stands ready to welcome you.

Direct and Distinguished

Studio 73's central location in Cideng ensures a seamless visit. Our doors, a showcase of the latest trends, offer a direct path to elegance. We invite you to experience our hardware, paired with Indonesia's finest doors, in a setting that simulates the warmth of home.

Simplicity in Presentation

Here, the presentation is simple yet profound. Actual doors, adorned with our hardware, stand as real-world canvases. Touch, feel, and explore. Our range, including our own lines and those from leading makers, allows a rare, hands-on preview.

Collaboration at its Core

Our ethos is collaborative. We engage with door suppliers, sharing knowledge, guiding homeowners, and consulting with design professionals. Our full-time staff, both sales personnel, and drafters are at hand to tailor solutions to your project's technical and aesthetic requirements.

Excellence through Precision

We hold a firm belief: doors are precision instruments. Small tolerances make big differences. Our approach intertwines architecture with door hardware, ensuring seamless integration from start to finish. We do not sell; we serve by ensuring every specification is exact, every detail accounted for.

Choice and Craftsmanship

Variety defines our catalogue, offering over 2,000 designs and finishes. Our expertise lies in matching our products to the visions of interior designers, architects, and homeowners. We believe in the cornerstone of solid door hardware-precision, durability, longevity.

Elegance for All

Studio 73 stands for elegance that is affordable. Our Konner line exemplifies this commitment. We believe luxury need not be expensive. Precision, our definition of luxury, is evident in every piece we select or design.

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