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Australian designed, crafted and hand finished in solid wood and natural stone.


The TIRAR range of architectural door pulls, door levers, coat hooks, cabinetry pulls and architectural towel rails, expressed in the finest quality materials, will complement, enhance and apply a unique stamp to your project, across residential, commercial and hospitality.

The natural materials we select offer an uncommon sensory tactility and a reassuring robustness;  a celebration of function, form and tactile pleasure.


TUI Sliding Door

Like a pocket, TUI sliding handle is created to evoke interaction. The distinctive design sits perfectly to wide range of architectural styles. Material is carefully selected and sourced, sealed in marine grade sealer and finished with marine grade clear top coat satin finish.


Material: Solid timber

Finishing : American White Oak | American Walnut

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It is about making an entrance. Not just a

They thing of beauty to be observed, the elegant form is a statement door pull designed to be comfortable to hold.


Material: Solid timber.

Finishing: American walnut, American white Oak.


TUI Frameless Glass
Sliding Door

TUI can be presented onto doors with wide ranges of bespoke timbers and finishes, complemented with exotic wood grain on its surface as accents.


Material: Solid timber.

Finishing: American Walnut, American White Oak.

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