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Solution for an Extra Wide and Extra Heavy Doors

You have a dream to built a house with a wide and heavy doors, but confuse on what hinge to use and wondering is there any alternative to hold such doors? Don't worry, we got you covered.

As an architect, interior designer, or first-time homeowner building your first house, you may encounter the challenge of selecting hardware for extra wide or extra heavy doors. In such cases, pivot hardware is the solution to consider.

What is So Special About This Pivot Hardware?

Pivot hardware allows the door to pivot around a point instead of being hung on hinges attached to the door frames. The pivot point is the distance between the pivot and the door frames. This hardware is beneficial for doors that are wider or heavier than usual because it distributes the weight evenly and requires less floor space than traditional hinges.

We Got You Covered!

At Habitus Concept, we offer a range of pivot hardware, including Frits Jurgens System M+ for hydraulic and System One for free-swing non-hydraulics. Frits Jurgens System M+ can handle door weights of up to 500kg, making it ideal for large commercial spaces. On the other hand, System One is a simple, small, yet broadly applicable pivot hinge that acts as a single pivot point without hold positions or self-closing features.

  • Frits Jurgens System One One of the benefits of System One is its versatility. It can be applied in both single- and double-acting pivot doors. Its free rotation also allows for free-swing pivot doors that can easily be combined with door frames. Additionally, System One has a minimum door thickness requirement of 40mm and a pivot point of 70mm, making it suitable for most door sizes.

  • Frits Jurgens System M+ In contrast, Frits Jurgens System M+ is a hydraulic system that ensures smooth and controlled door movement. It has a built-in soft close and hold position features, making it ideal for high-end residential and commercial spaces where door movement and security are essential. Frits Jurgens System M+ can also be customized to suit different door widths, heights, and weights.

Cheat Codes for Selecting Pivot Hardware

Regardless of the hardware you choose, it is essential to consider the door size and weight when selecting pivot hardware. Door weight is determined by the door material, size, and glass thickness. For instance, a standard wooden door weighs approximately 30-40kg, while a glass door can weigh up to 100kg. The door's size should also be taken into account when selecting pivot hardware, with the minimum door width being 400mm.

When installing pivot hardware, it is crucial to ensure that the door frames are sturdy and can support the weight of the door. The pivot hardware can be installed on the floor or ceiling, depending on the design and functionality of the door. The pivot point, which is the distance between the pivot and the door frames, should be a minimum of 70mm and a maximum of 40mm or the door's thickness, whichever is greater.

Contacting Professional is a Wise Choice

In conclusion, if you're looking for a hardware solution for your extra-wide or extra-heavy doors, consider pivot hardware. Habitus Concept offers a range of pivot hardware options, including Frits Jurgens System M+ and System One, to meet your needs. Contact us for more details, and we will be happy to assist you in selecting the perfect pivot hardware for your project. Remember to take into account the door size and weight, as well as the door frame's sturdiness, when selecting and installing pivot hardware.

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