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Since The Experience Starts From The Door, Make Sure It's a Good One

Unlocking the Secrets to Smooth-Operating Doors: The Importance of Proper Hardware Installation

Doors play an essential role in any building, and the choice of hardware used to operate them can greatly affect their functionality. It is crucial to carefully consider the door hardware when constructing a home and ensure its proper installation to avoid potential issues. By paying attention to these details during the building process, you can ensure that your doors will operate smoothly and efficiently, providing security and convenience for years to come. We have conclude some common problems that might happened and how to prevent it.

Case #1: Mistake in Calculating the Door Weight

One of the most common problems with door hardware is the weight of the door. Doors that are too heavy can strain hinges and cause difficulty in opening and closing. This can lead to premature wear and tear on the hinges and make it difficult to use the door over time. It's important to choose the right door for the space and ensure that it's properly supported by the frame and hinges.

Case #2: Failed to Pick the Correct Hinges

Another common problem with door hardware is poorly installed or too-small hinges. Hinges play a significant role in a door's ability to open and close smoothly. If the hinges are too small or not installed properly, they can cause the door to sag or stick, making it difficult to use. Loose hinges can be easily fixed by retightening the screws, but if the hinges are too small, they may need to be replaced with a stronger set.

Case #3: Screwed Up on Screws

Having the right screws is also important when installing door hardware. Not having the right screws can cause the door to come loose from the frame or cause other issues with the functionality of the door. It's important to choose screws that are the right size and material for the job to ensure that they provide the necessary support and hold up over time.

Case #4: Overall Misunderstandings

Other common problems with door hardware include doors that won't stay latched, sticky doors, misaligned bottom wall plates, uneven doors, trim that doesn't fit, warped doors, and doors that close on their own. These issues can be caused by a variety of factors, including poor installation, foundation issues, exposure to moisture, and more. However, many of these problems can be fixed with some adjustments, such as adjusting the strike plate or making sure the door fits flush in the frame.

How to Avoid These Problems?

To avoid these issues, it's important to work with a door hardware consultant who can help ensure that the technical details are addressed and the right hardware is selected for the job. Habitus Concept, has a dedicated technical supervision team and drafters to help solve potential problems in advance. With good communication and attention to detail, homeowners can ensure that their door hardware functions properly and doesn't cause any headaches.

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