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Miwa Lock Co., Ltd., established in 1945 in Japan, is a distinguished manufacturer of high-quality locks and security systems. The company's origins in precision arms production during World War II laid the foundation for its expertise in creating exceptionally precise and reliable door locks. This heritage has positioned Miwa Lock as a leader in the lock industry, known for its advanced technology and robust products, and they are a market leader with over 70% market share in Japan.

In Japan, Miwa Lock's products are widely recognized as a standard for security and durability. Their extensive product range, including mortise locks, digital locks, and hotel card locks, caters to diverse security needs. In Indonesia, Habitus Concept has been a longtime distributor of Miwa Lock, and we are the exclusive distributor for their hotel card locks. Customers are assured of quality and longevity with Habitus Concept's lifetime mechanical warranty on Miwa Lock products.

The geographical proximity between Japan and Indonesia is a key factor in keeping logistics costs low for Miwa Lock. This advantage allows customers, particularly in the residential market, to access Japanese-standard locks with options for customization in master keys and high-security features at an affordable price.

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