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Luxury Living Made Secure: The Piack Digital Lock Solution

Why Architects and Interior Designers Are Raving About the Piack Digital Lock for Luxury Homes

In the Indonesian luxury home market, security and convenience are top priorities for homeowners. That's why architects and interior designers recommend the Piack digital lock as the perfect solution for securing residential properties.

What is Piack Digital Lock?

The Piack digital lock is a sleek and stylish device that combines state-of-the-art technology with practical functionality. It is designed to provide maximum security while also being user-friendly, making it an ideal choice for homeowners who want to keep their homes safe and secure without compromising on convenience.

One of the key features of the Piack digital lock is its ease of installation. The lock can be easily upgraded from existing Miwa locksets without the need for removing any existing hardware. You can simply slip it in, and voila! Your home is now more secure and smarter.

Key Features of The Piack Digital Lock

The lock has several features that make it ideal for use in luxury homes. The first is the pin code feature. This allows homeowners to set a unique code that only they and their trusted family members or staff can use to access the property. This feature is ideal for homeowners who don't want to carry around keys or who want to restrict access to certain areas of their home.

The Piack digital lock also comes with a Mifare card feature. This feature allows homeowners to access their home using a card that has been programmed to open the lock. This is a great feature for homeowners who want to give access to guests, service providers, or staff members without sharing the pin code.

For you who loves conventional way, Piack digital lock comes with a regular lock that can include master keys. This means that homeowners can still use a traditional key to access their property, even if they forget their pin code or don't have their mifard card with them.

Security-Made Elegance

Overall, the Piack digital lock is an excellent choice for architects and interior designers who want to provide their clients with a high-quality, secure, and convenient home security solution. With its pin code, Mifare card, and regular lock features, the Piack digital lock provides homeowners with complete control over their home's security system, while also being user-friendly and stylish. Its easy upgrade from existing Miwa locksets, without removing any existing hardware, makes it an ideal choice for homeowners who want to improve their home's security without going through any major renovations.

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