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Habitus Originals

Habitus Originals is a design initiative launched by Habitus Concept with the aim of promoting Indonesian designs worldwide. Our goal is not only to be a trading company but also to establish collaborations that create positive impacts on business and creativity. The initiative began in 2018 with the launch of the S.A.Y.A.P Handles, and in 2022 we launched the Jakku Handles. We're committed to showcasing Indonesian talent and creativity and believe that by working closely with local artists and designers, we can make a significant impact on the industry. Habitus Originals is just the beginning of our journey, and we're excited to see what the future holds.

JAKKU - WHITE copy.png

Indulge yourself in an exquisite expedition into the enchanting universe of JAKKU handles, crafted by UNION CORPORATION JAPAN. Marvel at the unparalleled ardor and devotion of our ingenious designer, Eko Priharseno, as he unravels the intricate art of handle-making in Tokushima, Japan.

sayap logo.png

Introducing the S.A.Y.A.P Handle - a delightful blend of Indonesian design and Japanese engineering, brought to life by the creative vision of Sammy Hendramianto Syamsulhadi of SHS & Assosicates Jakarta and perfected by skilled craftsmen of UNION CORPORATION JAPAN.

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