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Embodiment of seamless strength and advanced load-bearing capabilities.

The Hi-Load technology in Konner Titan hinges is synonymous with enduring quality. Designed to be a 'fit and forget' solution, they ensure a maintenance-free, wear-resistant performance with a 25-year guarantee. This robust construction enables the hinges to comfortably support up to 160kg, making them a proven choice for long-term reliability.


Hinge elevates protection with a minimalist design and advanced fire-resistant core, expanding 20-fold to shield against smoke and flames for 60 minutes. Resistant to extreme elements, it offers peace of mind in every graceful swing, blending seamlessly into your home's design while serving as a steadfast guardian.

Konner Cold Steel introduces a refined blend of stainless steel 304 and molybdenum, crafting a hinge that stands resilient against corrosion. This fusion ensures enduring beauty and steadfast performance, inspiring confidence with every use.

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