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FritsJurgens, headquartered in the Netherlands, is a leader in the pivot door system industry, specializing in solutions for doors weighing up to 500kg. Their product range includes three main families: System M+ with hydraulic soft closing, System 3 for hold-open functionality, and System One for free-swing pivot doors. Each system is ingeniously designed to be concealed within the door, offering limitless design possibilities and an exceptional door experience.

Rooted in a rich heritage dating back to the 1930s, FritsJurgens upholds the legacy of its namesake, Mr. Frits Jurgens, who was renowned for his technical mastery and commitment to perfection in craftsmanship. This dedication to innovation, functionality, and beauty is evident in every FritsJurgens system. The company focuses on developing, producing, and thoroughly testing each product at their Kolham headquarters to ensure top-notch quality. FritsJurgens also places a strong emphasis on training and supporting their technical teams, including consistently training Habitus's technical team to guarantee proper supervision and product calibration in every project. This commitment to excellence and precision in both product and service makes FritsJurgens a trusted choice for architects, designers, and door makers worldwide.

System M+

System M+, designed for all pivot doors, offers full adjustability for every door movement. Equipped with Damper Control, 30° Speed Control, and Latch Control, it ensures precise and customizable door dynamics. Latch Control guarantees proper closure for doors with latching bolts, making it perfect for exterior pivot doors. Versatile and adaptable, System M+ accommodates a wide range of door weights from 80 kg to 500 kg, providing design freedom for doors of all sizes, from small to oversized.


System 3

System 3, offering 360° rotation, combines full rotational capability with self-closure and hold position features. It automatically rotates towards its hold positions at 0°, 90°, 180°, and 270° from every 45° angle, ensuring assisted closure and precise alignment. These characteristics make System 3 an ideal solution for pivoting walls, where 360° rotation, hold positions, and self-closure harmoniously integrate to enhance functionality and design.

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