The Konner Titan
  • The Konner Titan

    Bringing the strength of Stealth and the beauty of Athena, the Titan represents the next milestone in aesthetic door hardware. Supportability for weight. Resistant to the environment. Every Titan is made from Marine-Grade Stainless Steel to withstand the harsh realities of the environment.


    Who Came First?
    Learning from yesterday, building it today, making a difference for tomorrow. Titan defines Konner, encapsulating our beliefs in door hardware. Putting thousands of specifications into a single piece of hardware.


    Incorporating an additional compound named molybdenum, Titan uses Stainless Steel Grade 316, which greatly increases its resistance to corrosion. Such levels of corrosion resistance allow partners to have greater confidence when using Titan, even at waterfront residences.


    It does not just look good, but it works well. Titan incorporates Hi-Load technology, allowing it to withstand additional loads beyond hinges of its size. A key design requirement was also to build hardware which is maintenance free for its lifetime.


    The end result, combined with an incredible gloss finish, has once again redefined what door hardware means. The Konner Titan is a our way of recognising the ever evolving architectural and design standards of our Archi and Design partners. Creating hardware solutions today to enable designs tomorrow.