The Konner Stealth 150
  • The Konner Stealth 150

    The Konner Story Started with Stealth

    Originally built to meet the increasing requirements of tomorrow’s architectural requirements, an idea was hatched to bring aesthetics to technical hardware. This idea stretched the design and manufacturing team to unknown unknowns. How does archi and design marry? How does tech and art combine? Many sketches later, three binding laws were created to anchor Stealth design requirements.

    “It just feels right.” Heavier doors have made a return. Touch and feel. It just works differently. Stealth enables functionality enables door hardware emotion, supporting doors weighing up to 300kg. Stealth enables integration of door hardware into your daily habits. Stealthy, smooth, precise.


    Seen to be Unseen.
    Stealth disappears comfortably behind frames and doors. Three axes of five millimeter of calibration freedom meant that it remains unseen while executing its duties. A door preparation mould is provided to maximize precision in the installation process. The detail that separates KONNER in its industry.


    Invisible becomes visible.
    Built to be seen. It was not enough to be unseen, but also to function well when seen. Finishing was a key focus in the design and manufacture process. We work down to the detail because every millimeter is important, down to the hinge pin.

    • Technical Specifications

      Composition Aluminium
      Capacity 150kg (Per Pair)
      Length 200mm
      Width 32mm
      Thickness 38mm
      Minimum Door Thickness 40mm
      Opening Angle 180°
      Adjustment x: +/-5mm
      y: +/-5mm
      z: +/1mm
      Finishing Black
      Gold Satin