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Konner is developed to unite requirement of architects and designers with meticulous machinery precision to deliver lifetime products assurance. Konner is well known with their one value philosophy : consistent tone, consistent quality, consistent value. Each architectural hardware are produced to elongate virtues of an interior. 

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The art of disappearing: Hinges that whisper, not shout 


Incorporating an additional compound named molybdenum, Titan uses Stainless Steel Grade 316, which greatly increases its resistance to corrosion. Such levels of corrosion resistance allow partners to have greater

confidence when using the Titans, even at waterfront residences.


It does not just look good, but it works well. Titan incorporates Hi-Load technology, allowing it to withstand additional loads beyond hinges of its size. A key design

requirement was also to build hardware which is

maintenance free for its lifetime.



“It just feels right.” Heavier doors have made a return. Touch and feel. It just works differently. Stealth enables

functionality enables door hardware emotion, supporting doors weighing up to 300kg. Stealth enables integration of

door hardware into your daily habits. Stealthy, smooth, precise.


Stealth disappears comfortably behind frames and doors. Three axes of five millimeter of calibration freedom meant

that it remains unseen while executing its duties. A door preparation mould is provided to maximize precision in the installation process. The detail that separates KONNER in its industry.

Made with Stainless Steel in UK, Cold Steel are designed to enhance the overall look of door

hardware. The bearing arrangement in Cold Steel account for both vertical and lateral loads up to 120kg. In conjunction with the various color finishings, cold steel deliver unrivalled performance on both beauty and functionality.

There are times where art takes a forefoot, ahead of hardware. The audacity to make a bold statement. Crafted not as a support of the design philosophy, but a philosophy itself. Yet philosophy does not give way to quality. CNC processing ensures a highly precise and seamless finishing, and completed with adjustable ball bearings.

Neptune is built complement sanitary accessories with brilliance. Made with premium Brass, Neptune enables easy connect to every glasses and walls.

Available with various finishing, Neptune allow

aesthetic personalization into private wellness

space with maximum functionality in mind.


Built to last from the word Go. CNC from a single block of brass to ensure accuracy to nanometers. Refining the idea of a flush bolt, rethinking every element down to the throw and the edges.

Bolt represents the pinnacle of precision in door hardware, moving well beyond what is required, to setting a new normal. Setting a new standard for flush bolts.

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