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Easy to Access. Studio 73 is a door hardware showroom by Habitus Concept, designed by Reza Wahyudi of Bobos Design. It is conveniently located in the Cideng area of Central Jakarta, just 10 minutes away from Plaza Indonesia. This makes it easily accessible to customers who are looking for high-quality door hardware options in the heart of the city. The showroom's location is strategic, allowing it to serve a wide range of customers who are interested in exploring the latest door hardware trends and designs in the market.


Presentation. What sets it apart from other showrooms is its hands-on approach to customer experience. Studio 73 features actual doors with door hardware installed, giving customers the opportunity to see, feel, and preview the hardware as if they were using it in their own homes. In addition to showcasing its own line of door hardware, the showroom features with many leading door suppliers in Indonesia, such as Marga Agung, Rangka Indah, Karya Jati, and Revdoors.


Collaboration. Studio 73 continues to work on collaborations with various door suppliers to extend knowledge to its customers, helping homeowners and consultants to find the best door hardware options that meet their technical and design needs. To provide a personalized experience for its customers, Studio 73 has full-time sales and drafters available to offer support and guidance on precise specifications for their projects.


Excellency. Habitus Concept's philosophy towards doors is that they are precision instruments with little tolerances, eliminating common door problems experienced by customers. They believe that architecture is an integral part of the door hardware process, and thus work closely with their Architect partners to specify and draft door hardware requirements to ensure nothing is missed out from conceptualisation to delivery.


Variants. Moreover, with 2,000 designs and finishes in their catalogues, interior designers have a vast array of options to choose from. Bolstered by their familiarity and experience in materials and finishings, they are able to find the correct product for their design partners. Solid door hardware is the cornerstone of architecture and design excellence. It must be precise, durable and designed to last with minor tolerances.


Precision. Studio 73 has a wide range of door hardware options available, and they find the best door design essentials hardware to protect customers' investments. When they cannot find them, they design and build them, as exemplified by their Konner line of hardware. The showroom is committed to creating affordable elegance, as they believe that great elegance need not come at a great expense.Precision is the next level of luxury, and Studio 73 is dedicated to providing its customers with just that.

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