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Smooth closure pivot,
without the hydraulics

Precision is key in Athena's creation. Utilizing advanced CNC processing, we achieve a level of precision and seamless finishing that transcends the need for traditional ball bearings. The result is a hinge that is not only a visual triumph but also a pinnacle of functionality and durability. 

A Bold Statement in Design 

The journey of Kanner began with a singular, yet profound request from a designer: "Can all the door hardware exhibit a unified tone?" This simple question sparked a revolution. The result? A meticulously crafted palette of colors - Black, Umber, Brass, Satin - each in perfect harmony with hinges, locks, bolts, handles, latches, and cylinders. Imagine a door, not just as an entryway, but as a testament to singular tonal beauty. 

RZP Konner 51.jpg
The Philosophy Behind Athena 

Each Athena hinge is a masterpiece, born from the audacity to blend functionality with aesthetic boldness. This series is crafted not just to complement the design but to be an integral part of the artistic expression of any space. 

A Fusion of Quality and Aesthetics 

Konner Athena stands as a testament to the belief that in the world of design, quality should never be compromised for style. Here, every hinge is an ode to the philosophy that when art takes the forefront, the hardware should rise to meet it. 

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